Day One of Malicious Prosecution Trial


Malicious Prosecution Lancashire Police
Monday 24th November 2014

Day one was for the witnesses to give evidence.
I was surprised at how much a witness will actually lie even to the face of a magistrate.

Giving (lies) evidence this day:

  • Detective Sergeant Andy Langton (aka, lying shit)
  • Paul Turner (aka (police snitch and lying shit)
  • Police Sergeant Hayes (Lying shit with small man syndrome)
  • Police Constable Ward (A good and fair Police officer)
  • Lesley Baker from the Pub – (told to go home, unreliable witness who DELETED evidence)


Present in the public gallery

  • Detective Constable JohnsonI am unsure why an on duty CID constable needed to spend two days in court, wages paid for by public funds. Is this in the public interest? Does it pass a necessity criteria?


Witness Evidence & Lies

Detective Sergeant Andy Langton (AKA, Lying shit)

Allegation: He alleges he was harassed from a few emails set to him from an anxious victim of crime. (I was found NOT GUILTY of this malicious prosecution and that there was no harassment against Langton!)

  • At no time in the witness box did the liar (Andy Langton) say he was harassed when questioned? (how can I be charged with harassment when
  • Detective Sergeant Andy Langton admitted telling a “DC Riel” who reports to him, to put untrue information (lies) on the police electronic log about the defendant. Claims it was not intentional! (bullshit)
  • Tells court he was aware Paul Turner had posted malicious paedophile comments online and that no action has yet been taken against Paul Turner even though Turner (aka snitch) admitted it.
  • Tells court he was fully aware the paedophile comments made by Paul Turner were malicious. (hmm, then this is malicious communication Andy Langton)
  • Tells the court he was aware a formal complaint was made about him by me (the defendant).
  • Tells the court that he told me (the defendant) he will have no further interaction with me.
  • Detective Sergeant Andy Langton then tells the court he instructed two first response officer to visit defendant at his home even though a complaint had been lodged against him by the defendant prior to this.
  • Told the court he could not recall what information he passed to the officers before thy visited the defendant at home. (even though he was the single point of contact).  What a lying shit you are..!


Paul Turner

Allegation: He alleges malicious communication. Saying defendant had put a link to THIS website on Facebook and called him a Police snitch. (defendant found NOT GUILTY and than no malicious communication took place)

  • Lied by telling the court he was not a police informer when asked.
  • Lied by telling the court he has never told anyone he is a police informer. (evidence)
  • Lied by telling the court he has never published in any document he is a police informer. (evidence)
  • as asked to read his Industrial Tribunal (which in it, Turner states he is in fact a police informer)
  • Told the Magistrates that the official Tribunal documents from Manchester Tribunal Courts were fake. (durrr, fancy saying that to a magistrate!)
  • Told court these official court documents were fabricated by me,  (accusation of contempt)
  • Courts were provided with the Original Tribunal Documents, proving Turner intentionally lied in court (Perjury)
  • Actually protested to the CPS lawyer when he was confronted with ‘awkward questions’ saying to her “I thought you were supposed to be defending me”, why did Paul Turner suddenly decide he was the defendant. (this will be the case in time though)

Police Sergeant Hayes

Allegation: Section 5 Public Order. (defendant found NOT GUILTY, no Section 5 took place!)

Allegation: Assault of Police Officer. (defendant found NOT GUILTY, no Assault took place!)

  • Lied by telling the court that I assaulted him, saying I grabbed his arm (he had pepper sprayed me, dug his boot heel into a bare foot, dragged me bare foot across grave and sat on my chest so I could hardly breathe) and a grabbed his poor arm!
  • Told the magistrates he strangled me (by the throat) because he thought I… “may have spat at him”.  HE GRABBED MY THROAT JUST BECAUSE HE MADE AN ASSUMPTION BASED ON NOTHING!
  • Told the court the my left arm was flailing and that I was trying to punch him! even his colleague contradicted him on this lie (see constable Ward evidence below)
  • Said my eyes were bulging with aggression (you just pepper sprayed my you prick!)
  • Said he arrested me for Section 5 public order fur saying ONCE (quietly, on my own property) to my wife “They are having a fucking laugh”.  The proceeded to step on my property after I had told him to keep of, grabbing me first then saying you are under arrest without specifying why! Turns out, this constitutes assault to me!


Police Constable Ward

Allegation: none, just a witness. (probably forced to by his bosses)  Seemed like a decent guy, actually contradicted the allegations (LIES) made by Hayes and confirmed that I did not attempt to assault him or Hayes and that all I was doing was protecting a previous injury to my left hand.  constable Ward also was protecting my head while Sergeant Hayes was busy trying to kill me!  Constable ward is one of a very few number of Police Officers who I have respect for and would offer him assistance if he needed my help.
Malicious Prosecution Lancashire Police