Is Paul Turner still being fed information by police

This website was based on Paul Turner and how he was (and still is) protected by Lancashire Police due to Turner being a police informant.

Lancashire police allowed Paul Turner to continue a campaign of harassment and malicious communications, as well as ‘other’ serious crimes against Paul Ponting, his ex employer.  The reason police allowed this was that they did not want to prosecute Paul Turner because he was giving the police information which led to the arrest of Colin Pritchard and a number of others who were jailed for 150 years total.  Read the article in the Liverpool Echo.

Well, now after almost 5 years of hell, Lancashire police have made a ‘significant‘ apology and compensation payment, details soon to be released to the national media.  For this very reason, this information had not been announced by Mr Ponting, Turners victim.

Ironically, a malicious website created by Paul Turner has commented on this ‘unreleased’ information..!

Now, how would Paul turner possibly know about this significant information?  It was never published and only Mr Ponting and Police knew about it (as well as a few solicitors and barristers).

Now, why would Mr Ponting contact this website, would you think he would prefer to wait until it hits national press.  It is pretty obvious Paul Turner has received info from police and ‘spun’ this info.  He even claims that the soon to be released information had some confidentiality clause.   As if Mr Ponting would sign an such clause.  So he was hoping there would be a confidentiality clause, fabricates a release of information to try to cause more trouble.

You may think, would police really divulge information to Paul Turner about Paul Ponting… Oh Yes!

Prior to this, it has been proven that Paul Turner was given extremely confidential in the past from his alleged police handler, DS Andy Langton,  relating to Mr Ponting.  Langton was directed to a Misconduct Hearing by the IOPC, but strangely, Lancashire Police refused this.

Is DS Langton or other police officers STILL feeding Paul Turner with confidential information?

It is pretty obvious Paul Turner has been given a ‘heads up’ by someone in the police.

It is Fucking unbelievable how obvious all this really is.