Paul Turner continues to badmouth Paul Ponting on his new websites after being named in National Press

You may have come across a couple of websites set up by Paul Turner, the police informer from Skelmersdale who is trying his hardest to badmouth Paul Ponting. These websites are OrmskirkVigilanteGuilty and then when Turner realised Paul Ponting was not guilty of any crime and has no criminal convictions, just…… OrmskirkVigilante.

Turner’s loose lipped friends in the West Midlands have confirmed Turner is responsible for the websites where Turner tries to encourage people to harass Paul Ponting. Turner has spent hours and hours stalking Paul Ponting and honed in on Ponting’s fight against corruption in the Police and British Justice System, those linked to these institutions, MPs and those who try to con innocent people.

Paul Turner attempts to twist Ponting’s exposure of corruption into ‘attacks’ against these people. If Paul Turner wants to call exposing corruption and deceit ‘attacks’ that’s fine. But why would Paul Turner try to defend police officers who have been exposed as corrupt? Is he still an informant for Lancashire Police as he was in 2014 when he provided valuable intel to Lancashire police about a drug dealer who is now in prison.?

Turner goes on to state on his websites:

  • Anyone who dares compete with Paul Ponting, loses!
  • Paul Ponting is unbeatable.
  • Not one person has stood up to Paul Ponting and won, not one.
  • He [Paul Ponting] has beaten anyone who dared to take him on.

These statements by Paul Turner are testament that Paul Ponting is succeeding in exposing corruption and criminals, as Paul Turner also states when referring to a BJJ Martial Arts Club in the West Midlands that ‘Many members have been served with criminal convictions‘. This is true. Two members of the club were convicted for Malicious Communications and harassment towards Paul Ponting, yet Paul Turner seems to be siding with these criminals? Why..? Because Paul Turner is a friend of these criminals.

So Paul Ponting:

  1. has NO criminal convictions
  2. has exposed corruption in various police forces and those linked to the police ie North West Blood Bikes
  3. has stood up to trolls and bullies, not just for himself and his family, but for others who have been wronged and have asked for help
  4. has sued Lancashire Police for what they did to him when Paul Turner whinged he had been outed as a police informer

So why is Paul Turner trying so hard to badmouth Paul Ponting? Paul Ponting publicly standing up to corruption in all walks of life? Why would Paul Turner be trying to defend those who have been exposed for corruption and those who have received criminal convictions?

Maybe Paul Turner is a little disgruntled by the articles below that were recently in the news when Paul Paul Ponting successfully sued Lancashire Police after he was unlawfully arrested, unlawfully detained, assaulted and maliciously prosecuted in 2014, after Paul Ponting outed Paul Turner as a police informant for Skelmersdale Police. Lancashire Police’s failed to take any action against Turner for threats and harassment of Paul Ponting and his family after he was sacked from Paul Ponting’s business for gross misconduct. Turner is named in these articles.

Innocent man strip-searched, assaulted by UK police gets justice after 4 years

35,000+1 reasons to sue the Police

Paul Turner also states on his website that ‘Mr Ponting was given a section 4 public order offence at Preston Court, Mr Ponting claims he has been successful in an appeal to have this removed from his record but this has not been verified.’ Maybe Paul Turner missed the news article below, which we find hard to believe as he has stalked every other aspect of Paul Ponting’s life. He must have just forgotten to add this to his ‘hate’ website created about Paul Ponting.


So Paul Turner will continue to badmouth Paul Ponting saying he has ‘hate’ websites. Paul Turner may call them ‘hate’ websites, but these sites (with various admins) only publish FACTS, hence the reason Paul Ponting has NEVER been convicted of harassment, slander or libel and has NO criminal convictions. The truth hurts sometimes! Maybe more people should stand up to corruption and bullies. It doesn’t make you a bad person, but it doesn’t make you popular with associates of those exposed and you have to have balls to do it as you will come in for some flack. Paul Turner has always hidden anonymously behind his keyboard, yet has the audacity to call Paul Ponting a keyboard warrior! Grow some balls Turner. Come out from behind your keyboard shield. Who are you hiding from… Colin Pritchard?