Constable 1092 Johnson admits malicious prosecution

DC 1092 Johnson admitted to a Malicious prosecution…. read on!

It was brought to my attention that the officer who charged me, Detective Constable Johnson, admitted (in the presence of the CPS lawyer and my criminal defence solicitor), that she was PRESSURED to charged me (malicious prosecution) from her bosses boss (this is an Inspector or higher).

So, rather than act under her own integrity and oath as a Police officer, DC Johnson both admitted to her part in a malicious prosecution and Perverting the Course of Justice.

Constable Johnson also told my Solicitor that she would hate to see me in the street, her reason was embarrassment that she was forced to prosecute me!

I was told that her bosses boss, insisted that I was charged without CPS advice (malicious prosecution) .  In the same conversation, the CPS lawyer stated that this would NOT have gone to trial if the CPS were asked for advice on charging.  So, the Police knowingly bypassed the CPS process to maliciously charge me! (malicious prosecution)

This is the reason the Police did not ask the CPS for charging advice as they would not have secured a prosecution, which failed anyway and proved their malicious intentions for a malicious prosecution!

Sounds fishy to me!

Even more fishy, read how the trial went