Day Two of Malicious Prosecution Trial


Malicious Prosecution Lancashire Police
This is the day I was acquitted of ALL of the malicious charges made by the following  lying pricks clowns:

  • Lancashire Constabulary.
  • Police Sergeant Hayes (Lying shit).
  • Detective Sergeant Andy Langton (lying shit)
  • Paul Turner from Skelmersdale (lying snitch from Skem)

The magistrates were very keen to see the original Tribunal documents from the Manchester Tribunal Court that Paul Turner wrote as Paul Turner had openly lied in an attempt to damage my reputation on day one of the hearing that these had been fabricated by the defendant (perjury). This will be pursued as a criminal act as his intention by fabricating this story UNDER OATH was to damage the defendant.  This is a very serious crime and can carry a prison sentence.

I stood in the dock and answered honestly and was acquitted of all malicious charges brought against me in this malicious prosecution.

I had a number of witnesses prepared to stand and give evidence but due to the blatant and obvious malicious prosecution, contradictions but the Police, lies by the Police and Paul Turner, perjury etc, my Solicitor said there was no need to rely on any witnesses as the prosecution was seriously flawed and there was no need.

The CPS lawyer told my Solicitor (after me being acquitted) that this was the correct decision.

I am now in the process of suing Lancashire Constabulary and will be starting private prosecutions against a number of Police Officers for bringing this malicious prosecution against me.


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Malicious Prosecution Lancashire Police