Paul Turner starts a malicious tribunal

Do not get me wrong, a tribunal is there to help unfair dismissal.  I have required this in the past and it would not have been fair to deprive anyone the right to seek this recourse of action


Paul Turner was sacked for legitimate reasons, he set up a competing business (gross misconduct) clearly listed in his employment contract, and damaged customer websites (gross misconduct), he also called customers and made highly defamatory remarks to them about his employer (also gross misconduct)

Paul Turner (during a Police interview) advises Police Officers that he was sacked for legitimate reasons.

He refused to attend his disciplinary procedural meetings.

Replied with offensive remarks to disciplinary communication.

After dismissal, refused the statutory right to appeal.

He then, after all this, started a tribunal case.

As any company would, we responded professionally and legally to the tune of £2,500 in solicitors fees and he retracted…

Ironically, as we are insured, our business insurance (to my disgrace) set aside £19,500 as an out of court settlement offer.  The reasons were that either way, our insurance would lose that amount or more.  If it went to court and we won (which they were 99% certain of) they would still cover the legal fees estimated at £19,500 or in the 1% chance of losing, it would be £19,500 + compensation so they agreed that a settlement of the minimal loses was acceptable (again, to my  annoyance!), however,  Paul Turner retracted his tribunal after receiving our defence which basically made him look an idiot who lost £19.5k on a begrudged plate!