Paul Turner is a Police Informant confirmed by his bogus tribunal

After Paul Turner was dismissed for gross misconduct, he started an industrial tribunal.

Paul Turner submitted the tribunal identifying himself as a police informant and claiming that I was the only person who knew about it.  This is true, as Paul Tuner was enroled (if that is the right phrase) by DC Sean Cloherty who introduced him to the police informants program.  This is believed to be under the control of Inspector Damien Barrow who is a senior officer of the police assets (Informants).  This was validated by DI Barrows own LinkedIn profile which has since been deleted after we disclosed it.

This is a snippet of Paul Turners industrial tribunal, making it quite clear that he is a police informant. The full court signed document is in my possession (as his ex employer), this was also produced in the Chorley magistrates who validated the documents.

There is NO DOUBT that Paul Turner is, or was a police informer.  The Magistrates have confirmed it.  This is the MOTIVE for Lancashire Police failing to prosecute Paul Turner for the dozens of crimes he has committed.


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