Paul Turner makes death threat No.2 and goads us for video

On Tuesday 26th November, Anna and I had a 10am meeting with our accountant at Malthouse Business Park, Ormskirk.  When we were parking, we were approached by Paul Turner who was out of his vehicle, he made some very threatening gestures and was very aggressive.  Paul Turner’s friend called him back to their vehicle, they chatted for a few seconds then both made offensive gestures while Paul Turner gestured to slit my or our throat repeating “your dead”, “your dead”.

A few people were around so I was ‘suckered in’ , (flight or fight) I responded in a verbal attack at Paul Turner the coward who had threatened to kill my wife and children. PAUL TURNER HAS BEEN GIVEN A HARASSMENT WARNING FOR THIS.

I was goaded by Paul Turner and the video does show me lose my rag but you can clearly hear the two criminals goading and insulting me. What husband and father would not defend his family against these coward thugs who are only tough in groups or in balaclavas or dark alleys. Stand up to them in public and they pull out the camera.  Hear Paul Turner clearly say ‘your harassing us’ who are you trying to fool.  And your mate, Mally Johnson clearly saying “who are ya” and “I do’n know ya lad” was actually the meathead who paid an intimidating visit to our shop. Must have bad memory as he confirmed in the same video that he did come in the shop so is clearly goading us.

Note they mute the audio when I name Paul Turner as a police grass.  I have the recording that clearly shows his face on mentioning one specific persons name. Our video will soon be public of him hiding his head in his hands when I publicly announce who he grassed on