Paul Turner sent an anonymous email sent to a customer of ours in the medical profession

This was sent to a very professional customer in the medical profession. Certain things mentioned indication only this could be Paul Turner. ┬áThe customer himself actually suggested who it was…!

Date: 22 November 2013 09:16:19 GMT
To: “”
Subject: Danoli Solutions – Paul Ponting

Hi Dr xxx xxxxxxx,

Im contacting you today about a company you may still use or have used in the past that installs remote monitoring software on peoples computers when carrying out support but does not remove the software when finished. With you being a Doctor and possibly working with the NHS this type of monitoring software could cause all sorts of privacy concerns. The NHS are aware of this and have been informed that Danoli Solutions can monitor peoples computers at any time and access them at any time without the user knowing. This data transmission is also unencrypted which again causes all sorts of problems.
We have it on good authority that Paul Ponting has been warned by the Information Commissioner’s Office about poor privacy policies and is still under investigation on other privacy matters with them. Paul Ponting himself also has a criminal record for causing problems with the police.
The NHS have been warned about Danoli and several other Doctors and Professors in the area who also use and trust Danoli and are probably unaware of this intrusion and sneaky monitoring software still being installed on their computer. The software is called xx xx, its a Java application that runs in the background and reports back to the Danoli server all the time your computer is on the internet.

This is a friendly warning.