Email Sent to Paul Turner after he said his time was miserable in job, after dismissal

Paul Turner sent an email to ALL of our staff (after his dismissal) saying how he hated the job and he was miserable etc… This was our response to Paul Turner…

Paul Turner

In addition to that last email I sent, and just to add a few poignant points of the miserable experience you claim to have had…

You never had a job of any credit but I took you on, not due to experience or qualifications, as you had zero, but due to your apparent dedication to want to make an achievement so I gave you a chance.

I offered you the ‘manager’ position when you were only a temp while we had the lad from PC World.  You said ‘I could do that job’, so I gave you the position, remember?

When you Dad was ill, no questions asked, any time you needed, you took.  We even offered you an electric wheelchair to help his recuperation.

You lived in a rough park of Skem, you told me you hated it, I gave you the benefit of the doubt a number of times and helped you (by pay rises) to move to a better flat.

I offered to help with the company van to move your stuff.

Pay rises… you were paid xxx more than xxx?  This was the reason you had a level of ‘responsibility’ and as you took on the SEO.

If life was so bad working here, why did you stick it out?  You never once said you were unhappy, you never once looked unhappy, you do not look like someone who has had such an ‘unbearable time’.

I offered to pay for broadband for you as you couldn’t get any credit.

I offered to get you a mobile phone contract because you couldn’t get any credit.

I offered to assist with health care via a company health policy as you had a few ailments (obviously has some company benefits like it statistically means less employee sickness)

You even refused to use the  shop toilet and a couple of times I actually let you go home early so you can shit at home!

I have bit my lip dealing with your dismissal professionally and correctly in the knowledge you were at the time intentionally trying to damage the company (and still are), I had to listen to your unreasonable responses to the procedural letters we wrote, you insulted us, you threatened us, you breached confidentiality of the business, the staff and even that of good old Colin, and claim that I breached his!  All you seem to be doing is spreading malicious rumours…. And what the hell are you on about with Adam!  You hated him and still do, you suddenly appear the like the guy?  Even Adam has expressed his confusion over this. You grassed on him virtually day one for mentioning salary, you have always said you dislike him, and now, you suddenly want him to turn against me also.

You know what Paul Turner, I admit it, I am a dam naive fool!

Paul Turner did not respond to this, instead he changed his tactic to other lines of attack.  No surprise that Paul Turner is unable to get employment.