Paul Turner tells me a man named Colin Pritchard was arrested

Date was approx early April 2013.

Paul Turner called me into the office about the beginning of April and told me very secretively that a man called Colin Pritchard from Ormskirk was arrested the night before.  I was a bit like, “err, why are you telling me this?” He told my in a sort of cocky way, “I just thought you would want to know.”

Not really!

He believes I have an interest in this persons personal life. I do not. I am aware he is a local businessman and that is all except what Paul Turner has blabbed to me about him in the months leading up to his dismissal.  I have never met Colin Pritchard have no association with him whatsoever, I would not know him if I bumped into him in the street.

I asked how he knew this information, and he smugly replied, ahh, I know things. (tapping his nose)

I asked a friend of mine who works in a certain branch of the Police and asked him if it was true, my friend sounded really surprised and said, how do you know that? I said Paul Turner had told me and my friend said, he shouldn’t be telling you things like that as it was not really known even within the Police.

Paul told me that the house was raided and Colin Pritchards wife/girlfriend told the Police that they had nothing on Colin, Paul Turner relayed to me that the Police told his wife that they had enough to pin on him to put him away for a long time. Again, my friend was surprised at the level of information I knew of the arrest only from the night before.

How would Paul Turner know this information?  There are two scenarios, I will not go into them here!