Paul Turner contacts our data centre hosts accusing us of spam

Bogus complaint to our data centre about spam.

I will not publish any details as it is confidential to our clients, suffice to say,  Paul Turner made a bogus allegation and our host professionally investigated as they are a professional company. They requested evidence from Paul Turner and, surprise surprise, he wound his neck in and moved on to his next attack by not providing any information they asked for.

We are still with our host and have no association with spam at all.

Sent from Paul Turner to our Data centre host

 Subject             Harrasment
 From  Paul Turner <>
Subscribers Emailed   Acknowledgement to Paul Turner <>
Created at       05 May 2013 14:02

Hi Im constantly receviving unsolicitorered emails from a user of yours and I have asked them to stop contacting me. Its now a police matter but they still continue to contact me. I have had my own webhost block the emails but my live account for some reason lets the emails through? I have added the domina, the user, the email and yet they still get through. I have found the headers here…

 Paul Turner

Snippet from the response of our host…

Hey Paul,

No problem at all, I’ll make a note of this just in-case this individual contact us again.

The only reason I stated that there may have been spam mail was because the accuser stated this, there was no e-mail content for me to verify.

We do get quite a lot of customers who’s servers have been compromised without their knowledge, so I thought it was best to let you know, just in-case.

I wish you all the best.