“Curry eating towel head” by Paul Turner

Like his other racist posts, here and here

This is what happens normally if you are a racist… Racist Comments Jail Term

Paul Turner, clearly demonstrates his racism by posting a comment relating to the terrorist, BIN LADEN, then goes to call him a “Curry eating towel head”.

Yes, Bin Laden is evil, but Paul Turner from Skelmersdale tarnishes a religion & culture with his offensive comments.

He was even advised by others on the forum to “Discus without racism”

Sadly, Skelmersdale Police have not charged him (as far as we know) for his multiple racist comments that have been reported to them about him.

The comments are lower down the image with the orange/red bar to mark the location.  Again, Paul Turner from Skelmersdale is using the Alias of Pablo Escobar.