Day I was hospitalised by Skelmersdale Police

A man, falsely arrested and assaulted was taken to Skelmersdale Police station.  This officers name will be added when we receive his identity.

The man was pepper sprayed and pinned to the ground by officers preventing him from breathing.  To add to this, the arresting officer sat on the victims chest and put his hands around the victims throat.

After arrival in Skelmersdale Police Station, the victim was stripped naked under orders of Custody Sergenat Sigley and sexually assaulted by PS Stephen Eckersley.

Officer who assaulted victim

After being left naked and injured in the police cell, the victim was taunted by female Police officers adding to the victims anxiety resulting in the victim suffering what was believed to be a heart attack.  The Police initially refused to call an ambulance unless the victim put on a Police prisoner suit. The victim refused stating he was suffering increased pain to his chest and that he was not able to get dressed and would only wear his own clothes, the Police called the ambulance.   While awaiting the ambulance, Police tried to convince the victim to get dressed even though he was suffering a suspected heart attack. The victim told the Police repeatedly to leave him alone.  The officer was then caught on CCTV throwing the victims clothes on the victims head while he sat clutching his chest in agony.

I am not going to publish much here due to a claim we have against Skem Police, suffice to say I was rushed to hospital with a suspected heart attack after their ‘treatment’!



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