“Kill Nigerians” racist comments by Paul Turner

Racist comments made by Paul Turner.

Like his other racist posts, here and here… Paul Turner is a racist and does not seem to have an issue expressing this on the internet.

This is what happens normally if you are a racist… Jail term for racism

On the 30th March 2010, Paul Turner who goes by the alias “Pablo Escobar” on Black Hat ¬†Forum, posted this sick comment tarnishing all Nigerians as killers, spreading of AIDS and “eating each other”??? then goes on to say we should ‘Bomb the fuck out of Nigeria”

Unsurprisingly Skelmersdale Police who appear to be protecting Paul Turner, have been informed and have decided that his “actions are acceptable” in that they have not charged him. even after confirm the actions are in face racist.racist comments made by Paul Turner