Paul Turner puts Computer Repairs Ormskirk on

Err, I do not recall putting this listing on Yell? This is MY Limited Company, Paul Turner is a fraudster.

Oh, I didn’t, Paul Turner is Passing off as a Limited Company of which I am the Director.

He is using the Gym address (remember the one mentioned here)

We registered this to protect our interests, as Paul Turner who is well aware of our ‘trading names’ and targeted keywords, decided to use information he acquired  to damage our reputation.

We registered a number of Ltd Companies as Paul Turner obviously can only build a business on the back of anther.

20/11/2013 – I called yell to advise them that this listing is malicious and that I am the MD of the mentioned named company which is using my company name but diverting traffic to a different name/number. Yell removed it without question after confirming the evidence.