Anonymous email sent to gym Paul Turner trains at (sent by himself)

Date unknown but some time in may we think.

Paul Turner claims an anonymous email/message  was sent to the Gym the he trains at.

Click here to Listen to the Police Recording where Paul Turner tries to blame me and is confirmed as a Police Informer by the Police!

He told the Police he thinks it was us! The message did not contain his name or details, not my style Paul, I man up when I am going to do something, not anonymous!

Now this appears to be the start of the chain of anonymous emails Paul Turner has started and here is my logic.


  • Paul Turner threatened to kill my wife and children if I ever told anyone he was a Police Informer.
  • As a way of scaring me, he faked an anonymous email, the Gym where he trains is a ‘very good friend of his’ see the other evidence the bit about Paul Turner setting up a fake business at the same address as the Gym. Only a good friend would allow and encourage this malicious action.
  • If I was really going to name and shame him at that time, I do things properly, I do not hide behind anonymity I would do as I have now done.
  • He then uses this fake email to attempt to get the Police onside who clearly sense something fishy but do disclose a discussion Paul Turner harping on about how sensitive his Police Informer status is and he is ‘sensitive’.
  • Police ask me and of course, I know nothing but the first thing I think, is if Paul Turner makes me believe that he thinks I sent this, he will scare me into thinking he will fulfil his death threats.  Paul Turner wants me to be worried he will kill us.
  • As this backfired, (the fake attack on himself) which the Police didn’t do anything about, the anonymous emails went the other way.  3 such emails have been reported to us by 1 supplier, and two very prominent customers.  All of which are fully aware of the sender (Paul Turner) as the content has specific information that really only he knows.
  • We believe he changed his tactic after seeing the first email fail and that the Police didn’t do anything so thinks the same type of attach on us will not be investigated.

 A few of his bogus email and complaints.

Click for email to customer

Click for email to supplier

Click for email to school

Anonymous compliant to Heath & Safety St Helens shop

Anonymous compliant to Heath & Safety Ormskirk shop

Bogus complaint of Sex Discrimination

Email to supplier (not anonymous)