Paul Turner dismissal confirmed legitimate by Police

Paul Turner dismissal is confirmed legitimate by Police

Paul Turner made numerous allegations that he was dismissed unfairly, in fact he would have you believe it was in some way unlawful.

The simple fact is, Paul Turner was sacked for forming a competing business against his employers.  He was also suspected of damaging customer website intentionally to encourage our business customers to leave us with a view to joining him in his new venture.

This was strictly against his contract of employment deemed as gross misconduct.

Paul Turner spent a lot of energy publishing posts saying he was sacked unfairly, telling his Facebook friends.

He then went on to start what can only be described as a bogus tribunal against his former employer, attempting to gain financial reward for his fabricated allegations.  His tribunal was thwarted by his own incompetence as he has, under police interview, explained to them that his dismissal was in fact legitimate and the police provided this.

He had continued to deny his dismissal was legitimate and also denied telling the Police it was legitimate, even saying “why would he make a report to the police saying this“. Well, Paul Turner did say this to Police, and here is the evidence!