Paul Turner alleged we harassed him…

After Paul refused to pay back money he was over paid he then threatened to kill my wife and children, an email was sent to Paul Turner followed at the bottom by his response


Email to Paul Turner

On 24 May 2013, at 20:13, “Paul Ponting” <> wrote:


After your threats of violence today, I will be making no further direct communication with you on that matter.

Aside from these threats of thuggish violence, you owe us £150 and this was due to you taking more holidays than you were entitled! 

While I have no intention of contacting you again for any other reason, while you owe us money, I am fully entitled to contact you and will do so until this is fully paid. 

You will receive a breakdown of the outstanding money you owe and will be given a reasonable time frame to pay, I think 30 days very reasonable under the circumstances.

Not returning our money immediately is unethical and likely theft as you have been made aware of the over payment.  You took holidays over and above those accrued with permission of the company on a ‘trust basis’ and we therefore expect the same mutual trust in you returning this money that was not earned, and therefore not yours to withhold.

If you want to seek advice from the citizens advice, fine, do so, I have no problem with that at all, however I will use the county courts if necessary as they are able to enforce the recovery of this money you knowingly hold of ours.  £5 per week is not sufficient in my opinion!

You cannot keep saying you ‘can’ contact me, you ‘can’t’ contact me as an when you please like this is some sort of childish game.

While you may be on low income, your financial situation is your own making and does not give you any right to withold my money.

I noticed you are to receive a new Samsung Galaxy IV, I we note you are working for/with another ‘Computer Shop’ in Wigan and also state that you are self employed.  You also received in the region of £6,000 – £8,000 in affiliation payments over the last few months from December 2012?

All of which will be taken into account in a county court judgement.

Paul Ponting

Response from Paul Turner

Fri 24/05/2013 20:35

Fuck off you dick 🙂

Sent from my iPab4S 🙂