Meeting with CID

We had a meeting with CID.  A Detective Sergeant Blackburn and a Detective Inspector Damien Barrow!

I may add more to this page over time but will only say this at the moment.

I am not a fool, I appreciate not being called one!  I am educated and intelligent and can understand many of the people you speak to may not be quite so bright!  I am aware of the line of Policing are involved in and see there is a conflict in ‘what I know’ vs ‘what you need to conduct your other investigations’.

I have a good knowledge of the law (obviously far less than you) and what I do not know is relatively simple to find on Google and via other resources as well as colleagues I can trust in the Police. If you cannot discuss something because it is confidential, then SAY SO, do not try to make me look a fool as I will dig my heels in.

Do not deny information that we both know to be true and that I could prove in a Civil court in my sleep (burden of proof 50.001%) with ridiculous statement saying I watch too much TV. Any intentional insult on my intelligence will not be tolerated.

I will leave it there but will let you know that I will not stop until justice is served.

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