Paul Turner removes YouTube video but leaves dozens of others

Paul Tuner from Skelmersdale has removed the YouTube video but not all the other 20+ videos he has posted + the sick defamatory comments he also posted online.  This is not acceptable!

We want all of this removed.  Paul Turner has attempted to damage the reputation of a local business and published criminal defamatory comments and even published lies of what Skem Police said.

I cannot understand the mentality of him, how can you publish “Once the police watched the video they realised Paul (meaning Paul Ponting) was lying” when the Police have said no such thing..!

Skelmersdale Police did actually say they feel we were goaded and should have just driven away.  I agree, but they certainly did not say what Paul Turner from Skelmersdale published.  What happened in the real world is not what happens in his mind.

He also alleged we gave them an edited version? he said… “it sounds like he gave them an edited version..” Really… is that so? Well, how do you explain the Police actually viewed the video directly on Anna’s phone, literally 15 mins after calling 999?  I took a copy from the phone in my office to CD for them, while they were present, so, NO, it was not edited in any way.

Considering he said “the clip we have is unedited in any way” It does look as though the video you posted is edited as the sound just happens to dip at a specific point near the end!

I advised skem police these statements were ‘criminal defamation’ and within 24 hours they were removed.