Paul Turner talking of a previous threat

Paul Turner has told me this incident of him threatening a businessman for the simple reason, he DIDN’T give him a job.

Paul Turner had sent an email asking for a job an IT to a business in Skelmersdale at some point prior to his employment with us.  Paul Turner had NO experience, NO qualifications, NO history.  The businessman simply did not respond to his email, (we receive dozens per week asking for jobs so understand why he could not respond to each and everyone)

Paul Turner took it upon himself to go down and threaten this businessman and try to drag him out of his office for a fight! What the…., Nice guy!

The only other violence I am aware of with Paul Turner is:

  • Threatening to kill my wife
  • Threatening to kill my kids
  • Assaulting a pensioner at the Skelmersdale council tip early in 2013 (Police let him off…hmmm)

That’s it, what a tough guy.