Paul Turner obsessed with posting a video on every site on the Internet

Paul Tuner from Skelmersdale has persistently said we are stalking him, we are harassing him like a stuck record but not once has he shown any evidence because he keeps saying he does not want to make it public, yet  he has bombarded his facebook, twitter and Google+ with ongoing hate campaigns against us.

I think it is now clear Paul Turner from Skelmersdale has absolutely NOTHING on us other than a vendetta. If that was not enough, the one and only thing we potentially did wrong (although I believe I did right) was to confront Paul Turner after his latest threats to kill which is friend started to video AFTER the threats.  Now, this video he has been obsessed with putting on EVERY video channel on the internet yet does not put the other evidence ‘the true story’ anywhere?

So Paul Turner, thought you didn’t want to go public? is this all you have on us? (which is true as we did nothing so nothing else to have).  If you really have incriminating evidence rather than the ridiculous lies and defamation, then publish it…

This is the bit of the video Paul Turner from Skelmersdale  muted at the end and also his video did not show their threatening persona!  If you look at their video, you cannot see Paul Turners friend covering the phone but you can hear the volume dip! has he edited this or what!

[youtube_sc url=]

Click here to view on YouTube website

For his information, the video we provided to Skelmersdale Police was verbatim, they were here and present when we copied it from the phone onto disk.  All done in their presence so stop accuse us of tampering with the video!

This is the Video Paul Turner from Skelmersdale has spread like wildfire. (he has now marked it private)
[youtube_sc url=]

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