Paul Turner complains about this website

To add to Paul Turners list of complaints, he has now discovered and is complaining about this website.  Let me just clarify a few things here!… (all click-able for more information)

….so I create this website with FACTS and TRUTHS to show the public who you really are and now you are not happy!

We reported every single defamatory comment you made to the Police as well as every single attack and threat and nothing was done. Why would you think anything will be done about this website as it is only highlighting the threats you have made with evidence.   No fanciful lies as you seem to only be capable off.

You brandish me many nasty things without any concern for my well-being, that of my family or my business.

He who lives in a glass house should not throw stones!

We only ever wanted to move on after your dismissal, what is your problem, seriously, what IS YOUR PROBLEM!

This website is not intended to cause any harm, on the contrary, it is intended to prevent harm to my family and reputation.

This website has been re-located to