Colin Pritchard is Jailed for 12 years

Colin Pritchard from Skelmersdale jailed for 12 years .. strange!

The following men were sentenced at Liverpool Crown Court yesterday for their part in the drugs conspiracy:

Andrew Almond, 40, of Top Acre Road, Skelmersdale, received nine years, six months for conspiracy to supply cocaine and possession with intent to supply cannabis.

Colin Pritchard, 40, of Elmers Green, Skelmersdale, was given 12 years, two months for conspiracy to supply cocaine.

He was previously handed six years for producing and possessing cannabis and abstracting electricity as a result of a police raid on March 11 last year.

Stephen Squire, 44, of Elmridge, Skelmersdale, was jailed for eight years for conspiracy to supply cocaine.

Patrick Wilson, 54, of East Lancashire Road, Liverpool, was given three years, nine months for conspiracy to supply cocaine.

And Connor Wilson, 20, of Hartley Close, Liverpool, received a two year suspended sentence for conspiracy to supply cocaine.—merseyside-7765387