In May 2013 I dismissed an employee  – Paul Turner from Skelmersdale – for gross misconduct. He then went on a disgruntled hate campaign against me, my family and my business. Lancashire Police refused to do anything about Turner’s harassment even when CPS gave them the decision to charge Turner in April 2014. Lancashire Police failed to charge Turner even though he had maliciously posted worldwide that I was a ‘convicted paedophile’ on many online anti-paedophile websites! Instead, they tried to fit me up and in June 2014 they unlawfully arrested me, assaulted me, pepper sprayed me, stripped me naked and hospitalised me for two days. I was acquitted of all 4 charges Lancashire Police attempted to fit me up with in November 2014.
skint affiliate paul turner
Paul Turner
Paul Turner has admitted in writing that he was/is a Police Informant. I do not care if he is or he isn’t! But when the police use his status to try to ruin MY life I will stand up to the corruption, brutality and cover ups that Lancashire Police have dished out for the last 3 years and expose the lot of them.

This website is my blog of what Lancashire Police have let Turner get away with. They have been totally malicious and mine and my family’s trust in the Police is destroyed!

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