Meeting Detective John Pearce and Detective Libby

1.5 hours.

Detective John Pearce refused to comment on many incidents shrugging his shoulders dismissively.

Detective John Pearce said the ‘pedo’ comment on Facebook made by Paul Turner from Skelmersdale was not harassment.

Libby said that threats to kill have to be proven in court beyond reasonable doubt that the person making the threat would in fact have the will and the ability to kill.  Both detectives were unhappy I challenged this and when I tried to show them the real legality on the cps site, both agitated and said they were insulted.

said the health and safety visit had been investigated. (Detective Andy Langton ordered this investigation to be cancelled?)

Said the contact to our customers had been investigated (Schools, Doctors and Jettec)

Said that we have to prove the additional paedophile comments are Paul Turner from Skelmersdale , I said shouldn’t that be the job of the Police, he said they wouldn’t because of cost.

Asked why Blackburn didn’t arrest Paul Turner from Skelmersdale after my statement as promised, he said he wouldn’t comment and that I could ask Blackburn myself.


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