BOOK currently being authored

CODE NAME NEO is the title of a new ‘hard hitting‘ book currently in draft.

The author tells of events that led him to become a target of Lancashire police constabulary of conspiracy, lies, and falsified statements as well as threats all to protect a covert police asset more commonly referred to as a Police Informant, a grass or a ‘SNITCH‘.

The story is a tangled web of lies and deception that will leave you shocked at how 1970’s police corruption is still rife now in 21st century.  It shows how police are in some ways above the law and how their elected powers are abused by the senior levels within the police.

During a period of 5 years (and counting) from 2014, Lancashire police have defended the snitch from a multitude of reported malicious crimes, the story shows how Lancashire police did everything in their power to not only protect the snitch from criminal prosecution but how they even twisted and turned facts in an attempt to prosecute the victim resulting in a successful civil case against Lancashire police for malicious prosecution and other offences.

This no holds barred series of events does not refrain from naming the police officers, the snitch and other individuals who have become involved.  The deception includes the crime commissioner and local MP who all turn a blind eye or are warned off.

The story is a real eye opener showing how a ‘normal’ family man and his family were victims of dozens of criminal attacks then failed by the police all because they stood their ground, fought for justice and fought for the truth.

Now the truth is being published…

Expected publication date February/March 2019.